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MLM Development Company

Savvy Smart Contract Based MLM Development Company

Looking to launch your own smart contract mlm software development? Nextwebguru is your pick of the litter! Crafted by the industry-best experts, your are assured mission-driven smart contract MLM software solutions that is

  1. Truli Decentralized
  2. Cost-Effective
  3. 100% secure, stable , and scalable

What is MLM & MLM Website

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation. Other terms for MLM include pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing.

MLM Site Contains -:

  • Online Registration
  • Online Accounts
  • Online Genealogy
  • Online Receipt
  • Statistical (Graphical) reports
  • Cheque printing
  • Plan Coverage : MLM Software
  • Binary Income Plan

A quick run-through over the traditional MLM business

Traditional MLM businesses work based on the concept of centralization, i.e everything that happens on a traditional MLM platform is controlled by a central authority. How a traditional MLM centralized platform works is that an individual can earn profit by bringing in referrals for the platform and its products and services. As more referrals start pouring in, the MLM network becomes highly favorable for people in the top-level as it becomes a pyramid scheme. The pyramid scheme offers rewards and incentives for each referral and the reward structure can differ from one MLM platform to another.

Even though traditional MLM businesses are widely prevailing, and gaining more and more traction with each day, some investors consider the business risky and uncertain as it is completely centralized and run by anonymous intermediaries. The possibilities of retrieving their trust and elimination of risks is only through decentralization, and that’s where smart contract-based MLM software comes to rescue.

The emergence of Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts has enabled individuals to develop more trust on investing with MLM platforms, and makes it easier for them to maximize their profits with minimum investment and effort. This is the reason they are becoming more popular and a preferable choice by the day.

Explore MLM Software Services

Matrix Plan

MLM Matrix Plan Software Compensation arrange is one in all the first plans in construction promotingBusiness. In Matrix MLM Matrix Plan Software, the downlines area unit organized in fastened dimension x height matrix i.e. (W x H). 

Binary Plan

In MLM Binary Plan Compensation arrange one member will recruit 2 individuals to the primary level. Most of the binary network selling firms provide binary compensations supported the smallest amount active leg(Weak Leg).

Level Plan

The one in every of most well liked International MLM set up in MLM trade is MLM Level Plan. There ar numerous Mlm Company across the globe with success running therewith Mlm Business set up.Mlm Level set up is incredibly clear.


A simple MLM arrange with a historically accepted thought to broaden one’s network with direct management over the distributors. Expectations area unit all high during thisarrange and diminish the probabilities of chasing your tail any longer. 

Helping Plan

Popular networking and MLM Gift Plan arrange that is wide used for crowd funding, serving toand donation programs Gifting, Donations, and Crowd-funding area unit acquainted words currently.  

Single Leg Plan

Single leg plan’s construct provides chance to thair networkers earn cash a lot of and a lot of.its simply appears like level set up however it’s a lot of totally different from level set up. 

Roi Plan

Return on Investment (ROI) may be a performance live accustomed measure the potency of associate degree investment or compare the potency of variety of various investments.  

Cryptocurrency MLM Software

Enable automated, efficient operations for your MLM business with our scalable Cryptocurrency MLM software that can be deployed on any blockchain such as Ethereum, TRON etc.

What is a Blockchain MLM?

Blockchain Smart contracts are self-executing contracts. They are basically a set of computer codes or protocols that exist across a decentralized, distributed blockchain network. When certain predetermined terms and conditions are met by the involved parties, smart contracts automatically execute the transactions and record them on the blockchain. Smart contracts eliminate the need for paperwork, and involvement of intermediaries.

Smart contracts are decentralized, and bring in more accuracy, transparency and efficiency. Also, their immutable nature makes them the most trusted and preferred choice among businesses across various industries around the world.

MLM Development

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) solutions are devised to make the MLM operations convenient. Robust & feature rich MLM solutions are essential for companies who depend on their distributors for marketing company’s products. Unicode leverages Zendfox MLM, a robust web application framework in providing a wide range of MLM software solutions for diverse business models.

We provide complete direct selling software solutions. Our Top-rated, reliable and globally accepted mlm software helps the direct selling companies to grow globally. The high-end technology benefits the user to stay ahead of the competition.

MLM with WordPress + Woocommerce Development

Turn your WordPress website into a fully functional WooCommerce MLM Software with a Woocommerce plugin. One of the most popular e-commerce plugins and arguably the most feature-rich too.

So, what is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress that sells products and services online.

Launched on September 27th, 2011, the WooCommerce plug-in is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress allowing you to sell products and services from a WordPress site.

The Network Marketers who use the Party MLM plan are greatly benefited by WooCommerce multi-level marketing plugin for their MLM e-commerce activities.

MLM with Laravel Development

Laravel – PHP Framework:

Laravel has been the front runner PHP framework for custom software development. Laravel also follows the MVC architecture to build the software. Using this pattern the different aspects of any MLM application can be created separately and can be located in the application later.

This makes the entire MLM software development process easier when compared to other PHP frameworks. Similarly, there might be so many benefits in using the Laravel framework for web app development.

Efficient web developers always opt for the best software solutions for web app development. They may prefer the built-in framework like Laravel or CMS.  Below are some of the benefits of using Laravel for web app development.

MLM with WordPress + Woocommerce Flutter Development

Multi-Level Marketing Website in WordPress With Binary MLM, Forced Matrix and Unilevel MLM

In this course, you will learn how to create a multi level marketing website with WordPress using two plugins.

You will be able to create an awesome system for affiliate/members. This system will allow you to create and market your products/services automatically by members/customers/affiliates and increase your sales organically.

Flutter is well known for UI and cross-platform and now it is declared as #1 cross-platform framework of all time. Also, WordPress is a strong and robust content management system(CMS) and almost everyone from IT industry must be knowing what WordPress is. WordPress provides us a very strong foundation of content management with hosting as well. And it is really easy for even a non-technical guy to work with WordPress.

MLM with WordPress + Woocommerce React App Development

MLM industry works on various plans and concepts to sell products or services through team efforts. Swadhin IT Solutions have a qualified team of MLM consultants, web designers, software developers, support and software testers who have years of experience in the MLM Software consultancy, design and development to approach the domestic and International MLM networkers and customers. The team is ready to implement your ideas and new MLM concepts into MLM Software.

React Native is a javascript framework for building native iOS and Android app. It is based on React and your code will be compiled to native code which you can build and publish on app stores. In this tutorial, our app will only use WooCommerce for its backend which is connected through WooCommerce REST API. The app will have simple functionalities such as browse products, add to cart, and checkout. You will follow this tutorial better if you already understand basic React, React Navigation, Redux, and REST API.

Essential benefits of MLM


Blockchain uses distributed ledger technology which allows every user on the network to access which shows high transparency on the process. This is why smart contract-based MLM software is gaining attraction among MLM users and Businesses.


The use of Smart contracts in MLM Platform enables absolute trust in their process execution. The autonomous, transparent, and secure nature of the smart contract removes any possibility of manipulation, bias, or error.


Smart Contract-Based MLM Platform offers better traceability of funds which is the ability to identify, track, and trace every transaction performed on the Smart Contract based MLM platform.

Eliminate the risk of fraud

Smart Contract-Based MLM Software completely removes the involvement of middleman so chances of fraud risk is eliminated and gives greater transparency of business transactions.


Why Choose MLM Business

A smart contract MLM script is simply a readily-available script with 100% source code, every essential feature and functionality required to get the smart contract MLM software up and running in the market.

With the intensely growing competition around the smart contract MLM business market, individuals and businesses have started preferring smart contracts MLM script more because,

  • It helps save a lot of time, and money incurred for the development of the smart contract MLM software.
  • The smart contract MLM script enables faster deployment.
  • As the entire development process is taken care of, customers can just focus on the customization part, to launch the software in their desired brand.
  • As the entire development process is taken care of, customers can just focus on the customization part, to launch the software in their desired brand.