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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the emulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Typical applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a computer mind that can think like a human and learn from itself as well as it can upgrade itself. Artificial intelligence has been created by humans, but artificial intelligence can take decisions many times faster than the human mind. . John McCarthy was the first in the world to create AI in 1955, hence John McCarthy is called the Father of Artificial Intelligence.

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

It is created through machine learning in which many programming languages are used, especially Python programming language. AI sees and examines things like a human mind and then takes a decision. It is made of different types according to each task. As some artificial intelligence is made to understand by looking at the picture, it is present in our smartphone which works in face unlock security. Some AI is made to understand the environment. This AI is used in air-conditioners as well as big scientists use it to see the changes in the atmosphere and environment.

Types of artificial intelligence

Reactive Machines-

A reactive machine is the simplest type of artificial intelligence. The machine performs basic functions. It reacts according to the needs of the user. That’s why it is called a reactive machine. The reactive machine does not store any data and memory. A reactive machine only focuses on the tasks of the present time. Since the reactive machine cannot store data and memory, it can be used in the future. ) cannot be used for the works. The best example of Reactive machines is Google’s AlphaGo.

Limited Memory-

Limited memory is a type of AI that can store old data only for some time. It has the ability to predict the future with the help of old data. The future can be predicted with the help of limited memory. But this prediction may not be completely correct. Because this prediction is done on the basis of old data. Limited memory is used in self-driving cars. This car can store the speed of the cars around it, the distance between them, and other information. The best example of this is the tesla car.

Theory of Mind-

theory of mind” is a type of AI that can understand human nature and can also talk like humans. If understood in simple language, “theory of mind can talk to humans by understanding their thoughts. Just as two humans talk to each other, in the same way, in the theory of mind also, computers and humans can talk to each other. But the theory of mind technology is not fully developed yet. Research on this technology is still going on.

Self-awareness AI

Self-awareness AI is the future of artificial intelligence. This AI will be very intelligent and will have its own emotion, consciousness, and mind. The brain of this AI will be faster than humans. Due to self-awareness in the future, digital computers or robots will be more intelligent than humans. Will become smarter and the machines of that time will be self-aware and will be able to decide right and wrong decisions on their own. However, self-awareness AI is not available at this time. It is a vision of the times to come.

Weak or Narrow AI

Weak or narrow AI is also called Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI). This AI can only complete a particular task and cannot do any other work outside its capability, hence it is called Weak AI. Can’t behave like that. But on the basis of parameters and contexts, it can understand the behavior of humans. And can also talk to humans. Weak AI uses natural language (NLP) to complete its work. Apart from this, Weak AI does not have the ability to store data. IBM’s Watson supercomputer is an example of this. Is.

How is AI made?

Artificial intelligence is created by developers and programmers, it is made from a lot of coding and algorithms, as well as many programming languages are used, especially Python programming language. Machine learning also plays an important role in AI. Many people together develop an AI system. It takes programmers and developers a lot of time to build a good system.

How to learn AI?

You can learn to make AI by studying computer science in institute or college. Apart from this, you can also make AI by learning programming language at home. You can use the hardware component Adreno to build or learn basic AI. To learn Artificial Intelligence, it is very important to have a computer or laptop.